20 April 2014

An Aside ...

Are these like fingerprints or something? Does each chicken excrete oils that 'grease the way', so to speak ? Whatever the answer to these questions, these eggs looked so interesting after taking a bath in egg dye. And it got me thinking ... about the random nature of existence and the cycles of life and the seeming finality of death and re-birth and egg salad and deviled eggs and why they're called deviled eggs when they come from something so perfect. I should stop now, but you do see where I was going with all this free association don't you?

Happy Easter ... XO!


  1. Wow that's some deep thinking from dyeing eggs. That said, they look gorgeous, that natural textured look <3

    Happy Easter dear Susan! Nice to be back!

  2. Very belated Easter wishes to you. We've been so busy with all the new baby excitement that I've been neglecting my visits to favorite blogs:)


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