20 April 2015

A Birthday Coffeecake ... and a Dream

A post about a pretty perfect birthday or breakfast coffeecake and a wonderful dream .....

14 April 2015

Pansies and a Pear Tart

Oh, Spring! At last, you seem to be rearing up and stretching your arms! Blow your breezes and bring on your showers! We are so ready for open windows and clean sweeps!

07 April 2015

An Aside ...

What did I ever do without pizza and red wine ? I ask myself that whenever I have an evening when dinner menu planning falls by the wayside and I'm left to putting something satisfying on the dinner plates. Fast. That's when a warm fire provides a good spot for a bowl of dough, and the cutting board becomes the stage for a series of pizza toppers. A glass of red wine and the evening news on the radio  becomes the backdrop for ... pizza.

What's your go to meal? For us it's either pizza or a chicken Caesar salad ... and there were no fresh greens in the house tonight.

So, it was Donna Hay's recipe from one of her cookbooks ...

25 March 2015

Ottolenghi's Sweet Potato Galettes

Kate called the house the other afternoon, as she was walking home from the market. She was all about these little sweet potato galettes that she was going to make for a small dinner party she was having at her apartment. The recipe was coming straight from the first Ottolenghi cook book. As she was talking about them, I began to think that that recipe seemed all too familiar and when I went to my copy of the cook book, I found the recipe marked with a post-it note. Yup, mother and daughter think alike sometimes ...especially when it comes to food!

20 March 2015

Cream of Chicken Soup

I've made this soup so many times over the years, but it never gets old. I tend to make it for potlucks and also when someone in the house has been under the weather. It's rich and gives a person a boost of calories when their appetite's been off. It's also especially comforting with a handful of small crackers to scoop up with the silky broth. I know we're all about Springtime and new greens and asparagus and pastel cakes and treats and all, but there will still be days when all you want is a hot bowl of comfort and a hunk of bread or a handful of crackers. Here's a soup that fills the need.

18 March 2015

An Aside ...

I've decided that making quilts for others is a very good thing to do ... and when you can make and give one to someone who really needs one, well that's even better. Check out this neat on-line project. I discovered it at Sarah Craig's blog called Confessions of A Fabric Addict. Imagine placing a two month deadline on yourself to get a quilt made and sent off to a chosen charity. That's where I'm at, folks!

I recently posted a short blurb on my Facebook page ... time to put my money where my mouth is!

If you're of a mind, the link to this charity quilting project sits on my sidebar, both here at The Spice Garden and at Buch Handling. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to look in the fabric stash!

10 March 2015

IHCC's Mystery Box - Bacon, Leeks, Thyme

Chicken + Bacon + Leeks + Thyme = Tasty Supper

09 March 2015

Lemon Bars with Rosemary Scented Shortbread Crust

Lemon bars are a thing of beauty, don't you think? 

Served with a hot cup of tea, they seem so very proper.